Not just because a house exudes a great curb appeal means that it is equally beautiful inside. The indoor spaces like the living room, dining, kitchen, and bedrooms may look spic and span, smell great, and exhibit great visual appeal but there may be skeletons in the basement! We mean not the literal skeletons or bones, but deficiencies or problems that are hidden from buyers like you.

The basement is an integral part of the house. During home inspection, it should certainly not to be left out. When simple problems are not looked upon, you can be caught in a string of bigger problems few weeks or months after you have moved in.

The necessity of inspecting the basement is commonly anchored on striving for structural perfection. Thus, you should look for cracks in the wall. You should not take for granted no matter how small the cracks are. These can become bigger when not imposed with the proper solutions. Ask the seller to have the cracks and breaks concealed by sealants.

If you notice that there is moist in the floor and walls, it can be a telltale sign of another potential problem. Water can be seeping in the flooring. While there aren’t visible cracks and breaks, the problem can be basement flooding as brought by improper drainages. There can also be broken water pipes near the area causing water to seep in it.

You should also look for traces of mold thriving. It can cause bigger problems when not resolved in its early stages. Starting off in small areas, molds can easily reproduce and infest more areas of the basement. Because they are spore-bearing, they can also easily infest other parts of the house especially those that are near the basement.

Cracks, flooding, and mold infestation are three common problems in the basement. Through proper inspection, you can have a closer look whether these problems are existent or not. If the house you are going to buy are free of these problems, then you can smoothly proceed to the next phases of dealing with the seller. However, if one of them is obviously evident, you can negotiate with the seller as to resolving them. You don’t want to reside in a house which will only give you headaches in the future due to basement problems.

Inspect the basement of the house you are going to purchase. It may be a hidden part but it does play a vital role in achieving a comfortable and convenient living.

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