Before the sale of your house comes the inspection. This process allows flaws to be seen for possible remedies before signing the deal with the buyer. If you’re letting a home inspection performed on your house, here are the things that you should remember, at least, according to the Florida Realtors Magazine in its November-December issue.

  1. Let utilities and lights on.
  2. Sockets, switches, lighting fixtures, and electric fans should all be in working conditions.
  3. Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors should operate well.
  4. Faucets and pipes should have no leaks.
  5. Sinks should be clean and not clogged.
  6. Toilets, particulary the flushes and bidets, should be operational.
  7. Stoves and ovens should be cleaned thoroughly. This will prevent smoke from coming out and set the alarms on when tested.
  8. Doors and windows should be easiy to close and open.
  9. If you have attics and basements, obstuctions to and from these places should be cleared.
  10. Keys shoul be made available for electrical boxes.
  11. If you have done repairs and renovations, the documentations should be prepared.
  12. There should be a prepared sketch of the locations of the septic tanks and wells.
  13. Fetch your pets away for some hours.
  14. Have your house pre-inspected to at least know the problems and have resolutions before the official home inspection is done.

If your house is set for a home inspection, do not hesitate to tap the assistance of your local real estate agents. They might have some topnotch suggestions which may be crucial to the process and ease some burden on your part.